San Francisco, California

My boyfriend and I decided we wanted to adopt two Yorkshire terriers.We found them online and contacted a lady by the name of Nancy Zapata.

We spoke to her for a few days about the puppies and eventually sent her 370$ to ship the puppies to us. We received an email saying the puppies would arrive around 2:30 and around 12 we recieved another saying they needed insurance and new crates. We know we got scammed. A few minutes after we got the email, "Nancy" messaged us saying the dogs arrived in Colorado and she got a message about it.

I told her I did as well and I told her about the email about the crates and insurance. I asked her to call and an African man called. He claimed to be her husband and that Nancy was at church. When "Nancy" finally got on the phone she was an Indian woman...

In her email picture there is a white male with two white children. We couldn't even understand her English and the man proceeded to claim the dogs were in Colorado and began to cry and get defensive claiming he just dropped the dogs off at the delivery agency. We don't know whether to believe Uship is being shady or "Nancy" is or they're working together. The odd thing is "Nancy" and her husband "mike" still continue to contact us as if the puppies did exist and "mike" even said he would try to get a loan to send us the money back but he's worried about the safety of his puppies.

We told him if he did send the money back we'd do whatever in our power to help find the puppies because we honestly don't even know if they're real. We called all Colorado airports and none even had yorkies aboard and the flight numbers didn't match.. We don't know who to believe and after mike said he'd try to give us the money back he won't answer our texts or calls...

If anyone has any advice I'd appreciate it.All we want is either our money back or the two puppies to be safe and sound if they do exist.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Oh nooooooo hope this is not the same lady I got a tex from she has 3 dogs wants 200 dollars eyepiece and will ship them by air


She was the same lady?


I had the same problem to because I almost send them $200 for danny but I knew it was a red flag