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I need sobody to help me out please! Uship claimed that I had lost $118 I have in their uship account because I did not use the credit within a year. Now I have another refund of $330 which uship claimed had been credited to my uship account again. I can see the $330 credit in my uship account, that means I haven't lost this second refund yet, somebody should help me on how I can get this money out before it expired just like the $118. I cannot remember when I consented to an agreement with uship that my money will be kept by uship and then loss it after a year.

I have sent several emails to uship (uship customer service,, without a single response from this people. I want my money back. I think government should have a means of protecting innocent consumers like me from this type of company. I am ready to go to any lenght in getting a refund. Any advice from anybody on what steps to follow in getting my money back will be really appreciated.

I need somebody to help me with how to deal with uship please!

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Account.

Monetary Loss: $330.

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File a lawsuit - thats your only hope


The only way that U-ship will give you a credit is you cancelled the shipment after booking (some poor guys or gals drove all the way to you using his/her own money for fuel and will not get a dime for it because you cancelled.

Go cry somewhere else!!!


Thanks Jami,Uship eventually refunded my deposit back to my credit card.


Are you sure this is a valid claim? Uship hasnt had this policy in effect for even a year yet so how can you claim you didnt use your credit in one year if the program isnt even a year old? Something sounds fishy


have you contacted the betterbusiness bureau, or if you paid with a credit card the may be able to help or you could contact federal motor carrier saftey adminastration and report them for running a freight broker company without the proper authority


For a better way to ship try


Hi Gomakinvestment2010,

I am sorry that you haven't received a response. I don't have an email that fits this description, but please try me again at so that I can assist you.