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finally, after many months,uship has seen the error in their ways and reversed themselves on only allowing payment through their safepay/uship payments method. As many "providers or TSP'S " refused to comply with being forced to accept payment as only uship prefered they have begun allowing "providers' to again state that they accept cash,etc.

uship originally was going to charge "providers" 2 1/4% fee for the privilage of not being allowed to ask for cash even after their bids were accepted and uship was not even participating in the transaction any longer. they eventually reversed themselves on this also,.

uship made a lame decision in trying to maximize their profits and us the "float" to help boost thier bottom line but, it all back fired as TSP'S boycotted the site. Another victory for the 99%.

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Boy, you all have said the truth about UShip. This company does not care about the trucker at all.

with out US you won't last long.. Boycott USHIP :(


I too have switched websites and I am now working with I am tired of hidden fees and commissions.

Everyday seems to be some new unexplained change. SAA is a 100% free service. Hoefully in the near future thay will get more postings for shipments.

I invite everyone to do the same.

Plus, since they have open communication between the parties, all information can be exchange in a fair and open marketplace without any cloak and dagger nonsense. Know before you go.


I haven't done a uship job since august when they started this mess.Normally I would do 3 to 4 thousand a month with them. I have been suspended so many times since then while fighting uship for our rights.

Once I was suspended for life after calling matt Chasen a "clown". How did I know he was the founder? It says on their site next to his Lovely picture he is an "employee'? I also have found another way to make a living since they took my business away from me.

I will now simply suplement my income when I feel like it. Too bad matt had to screw things up so bad.


I just had a bid accepted yesterday and they're still pushing the Uship Payments. We can say in our payment terms that we accept cash, check, paypal, etc, but when the customer checks out they are only given TWO options, either pay in full (via Uship Payments) or pay a deposit (we're still going to charge your card anyway). We are banned from mentioning that we have a payment PREFERENCE or directing the customer to accept the deposit option. It's a suspendable offense. This hurts business in that Uship isn't too quick at getting the payments out and there's no way to get it in cash for expenses right then. Not to mention getting the code from the customer! I had one last month that I JUST got sent the code for after asking multiple times. Guy had gone out of country and wasn't getting his email/voice messages. Uship just said customer hasn't verified shipment has been delivered. No ***!

We can now withdraw early from pending payments, but there are all kinds of rules with that AND they're charging $1 per $20 that you withdraw early.

I won't do another Uship Payment shipment. I will cancel them all and then do the job outside of Uship. I've done two that way this month alone.


I do not see that on their site. I see them trying to force to take ONLY their frigged safepay but not what you are saying.

If this is true Matt Chasen needs to be removed and hopefully the board of directors can clean up his mess.

Otherwise, I have found less stressful ways to make a living. Uship lost my business for good.