Plano, Texas

I'm a musician, and like many other musicians, I dont have a lot of money to ship my huge drum kit. Uship was wonderful in finding the right service provider for the right!!!

My service provider was extremely courteous and punctual. At the last minute, I had to add another item, a extremely heavy toolbox for my brother in law and the service provider was amazingly accommodating. He gave me a really good price and I could not believe how quick he was.

We loaded the car at 8am on Sunday, I jumped on a plane, and he was at my door at 8pm on Monday...over 1800 miles away!! Thanks Uship!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Shipping Service.

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Sounds like the UShip Damage Control Dept again Lol-- 3 positive comments Back to back - to back on a complaints board


To clarify, uShip is a neutral venue, a website where a person can post their shipment and choose a Service Provider they like. uShip is not a broker, we do not employ, endorse nor select a carrier for the shipping customer.

The customer can review the Service Provider's profile for company information, photos, number of matches/cancellations, and most importantly written feedback from other customers for past shipments.

Considering this information along with any communication on the site, the customer can select the provider that meets their needs. Users are encouraged to utilize the Safe Shipping Guide on the site to aid their decision.


Information you won't find any other way!

For a good sampling of what you may experience when using one of the 1000’s of illegally operating Carriers on Uship, just GOOGLE the entire phrase below. Click on the results and read through the feedback of the 100’s if not 1000’s of incidents of stolen money, property, property damages, extortion and abandoned property.

These profiles were suspended, but the damage was already done. The suspensions are done to keep this information from damaging the site‘s reputation and not let the truth trump the propaganda that the site publishes all over the net.


This profile belongs to someone who is no longer registered member (Account suspended)


it's only a mtter of time before they arrest Matt the ringleader and toss him in jail!


Just google UShip scams


Now why would someone come here to place a compliment on a complaint web site other than to paint a picture that's far from the truth? THINK PEOPLE!

Afterall, I see that someone has come along and removed all the 100% honest comments that are backed "with supporting proof"?

This act was obviously an act influenced by UShip to hide the facts behind their website.


Well you can tell that this story was planted by someone that was asked by USHIP to post it because if you read what was posted the "MUSICIAN" said this "Uship was wonderful in finding the right service provider for the right!!!" Everyone knows Uship doesnt have anything to do with picking the service provider so this story was just put up here to make them look good to try and cover up all the scams that go on that web site and the guy had no idea how the web site even works, or USHIP did it themselves and made it look like some shipper did it. I see they are still removing the post from their message boards of the guy whos motorcycle got stolen by one of their service providers.

Gee I wonder if they helped the guy out and paid him for the price of the bike that was stolen? I mean they picked the service provider for this musician maybe they picked the carrier for the guy with the stolen motorcycle also and that is why they are covering it up.

Wake up USHIP we all know you are hurting or you would not be out here 24/7 posting as much as you can how great your site is and trying to do damage control because your site is getting so bad with scammers, its only a matter of time and somethings going to happen. Back up one year and look at the change that you had to do since then and its only going to get worse now that the heat is getting turned up for the illegals on your site so you better have a plan in place when they are all gone.