Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

Do not wire any money when it refference ship its a scam. I was excepting two parrots today but tols i had to wire money to uship before they deliver.

I called them and gave them my info and they said it was fraud numerous people are claiming the shipped through them and hadn't. I opened up fraud case with western union because I caught it in time.

Be very carful, don't pay for pet delivery unless they show up at your door with the animal. I think uhip should do something about this so it don't happen again.

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I too was nearly scammed over two blue nose pitbull pups claiming i had to wire money western union sendin to cameroon luckily i rang a number provided i got an african who kept beating around the bush he then ststed he would get his manager he then.returned to the phone tryin to talk different i told him that iknew it was the same person and that i wanted a direct number to the shipping yard in which he kept sayin that he was it i then asked to speak to an australian he thenhung up on me so i emailed miss oliva madison askin her to call didn't recieve a reply. Lucky i'm one to think suss of any transfer that isn't here in australia.. I just hope ppl do they're researchbefore makin a payment..


To: the original poster (Anonymous), Candi, and Tammy

All of your experiences are in no way related to, but rather describe situations where a person or group have fraudulently used uShip’s name, logo, etc. without consent.

Just to let you know, uShip is an online marketplace where those who need shipping services can list their items and receive bids from independent transporters registered on the site.

uShip is NOT involved in the actual shipment of any items, nor involved in the purchase or sale of any items.

We are extremely sorry to hear that you may have fallen victim to one of these scams. We strongly encourage you to contact the classified site where the ad was found as well as the Internet Crime Complaint Center to report this fraud.

To: 'aggrevated provider'

Every Service Provider that is a uShip member has agreed to the uShip User Agreement which states that they can only bid on items that they are legally able to haul. With that said, uShip does not screen any Service Providers. However, there is certain information that customers can request from the Service Providers to verify their credentials, identity and such. These include: insurance information, references, bills of lading, MC/DOT numbers (if relevant), etc.

We offer a Safe Shipping Guide full of tips and resources, which is available online to every user.


I also got scammed i was suppose to recieve a 11 month old cockatoo. Supposly the lady droped the bird off and they were in an accident.

Now I am out $250.00.



i am a fully compliant transporter and can sypathise with what i am reading here my business is boat transportation and i try to use uship occasionally to get a stray job but it is nearly impossible there are so many non compliant shippers on this site it is severly undermining the ability of those who are in compliance with interstate travel for hire unfortunately alot of the people looking to ship there goods are looking for the cheapest rate possible that i can understand but along with that extremely low cost to ship comes a steep price in the event something goes wrong in transit i do not know about the other catagory providers on uship but in the boats for transport there are only a handful myself included that have all the required authority and insurance nessasary to provide a worry free transport but due to the lowballing and illegal transporters allowed to utilize this site without proper authentication by uship the legal companies are suffering and the only ones making any money is uship and they are a greedy enterprise to say the least so anyone reading this let me tell you how to check for yourself on the company you may choose to use you go to there profile and click on the blue dot or mc # and this will redirect you to the federal motor carrier safetey page this will provide you with all you should need except there phone # and that you can aquire after assertaing the company name and address therfor bypassing uship altogether after all your property no matter what is important to you and as such should be considered as caviar why would you trust it with a peanut butter operation


I wired them the 200.00 for a yorkie........was told that was all they needed and that the lady would take care of the rest......3 days go by and things keep changing and now they want 400.00 extra dollors for insurance and was told if i did not send the money the would sue me for abondment and molestion.............WHAT THE ***......I never got my puppy and they got my 200.00......