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The website I got the ads from was

Original review posted by user Jun 22, 2011

I saw a few ads about low priced Siberian husky puppies. I got excited when i saw they were so cheap.

I got 3 emails back from different people, but they all said that they were located in my area but were transferred to Cameroon because of their jobs. Two of the emails were from different people but sent me the same pictures of the puppies. It didn't hit me yet because i figured that they were both trying to sell those puppies because they both seemed so genuine about it. I started getting scared so I asked her to take a picture of all the puppies together.

Of course, she came up with an excuse. She said to prove that the dog was real, she'd let me send 50% of the money and when i got the dog I could send her the rest. It sounded good to me so I did through moneygram. Everything seemed to run smoothly.

I then got an email from Uship saying that the puppy needed a crate and a rabies certificate from a licensed breeder which would be $900 that would be refunded when the puppy arrived. I refused. The lady texted me the next day saying that she paid the money and that I would just have to send the money back to her. I said okay, but then she said that i would have to pay $75 since the puppy had to stay overnight at pet delivery.

I then researched uship and found these articles and now I'm thankful I didn't pay any more than I already did!

If something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is!

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The same thing just happened to me today!! Luckily I stopped after the first $235 were sent.

now they are trying to get me to pay $350 for the crate. Good thing I did my research! But now I am broke until my next paycheck in two weeks.

:sigh were the puppies named Jasper and Mandy?!?! and sold by a "Becky Jollie"?