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I found a dog online that I wanted to adopt from a private seller. She used U Ship to 'ship' the dog. They hit me for a $300 fee and then the next day said they coudn't ship because the dog needed $580 life insurance that would be refunded at the time of delivery.

So like ***, I paid it. So we payed them a total of $880, then they said they would be shipping. Then the next day they said I needed to pay them $725 for a dog crate because the one the owner dropped off wasn't good enough because of the climate!

So they called me because I refused to pay and the guy couldn't hardly speak english and then hung up on me! Then they sent me an e-mail an hour later saying that "since I was complaining and doubting their company they had no option to send my money back because they didn't want their reputation to be brought down over a few dollars!" I'm still waiting for my refund, because they wanted me to pay $175 for them to refund my money!!

It's one big scam!

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I got scammed for 300 for a blackpug puppy and next day 415 for pet insurance. Plus the fees of the moneygram.

They never called me ,only emails ut i guess my ? Is what do you do about it???? Contact the better business bureau???

I even found the dog on dogs online which iis a legitimate website. What action do i take???


Hi, I also found a puppy online. It was a Pug puppy from Melbourne.

I dealt with a "Lady" who was supposed to be the owner of the puppy. She advised me that USHIP Pet Carriers would contact me directly and organise the transport for the puppy.

I paid $500 for the puppy, then a further $50 feeding charge which I thought was reasonable. Then I got another email and countless phone calls from them demanding $1600 for pet insurance, which I also paid. Then I received another email from them asking me for $1560 for a rental regulated crate which at the time I thought the puppy would only be a little bit bigger than my hand.

Once again, I was silly and paid them and they advised me that I would get a refund of $1460 cash when the puppy got delivered. Then I received another email from then asking for another $1850 for CITE Insurance to cover the health of the puppy. I advised them that I had only $500 left, so they told me to pay this which I did and they would sort the rest out. I have had about 45 emails and received in excess if 100 phone calls from them.

The last 6 emails that I received was asking me to provide a copy of my Drivers Licence and Passport. I kept asking them what they needed them for and they kept telling me so they knew that the correct person was going to take delivery of the puppy. This is where I drew the line. Identity fraud comes to mind and there was no way that I was sending them to these overseas people who spoke about 20 words of English only between 4 of them.

I have asked for a refund several times but they don't answer my emails any more. I have been scammed big time for the amount of $4,160.00. This is the stupidest thing that I have ever done in my life and after all this no pug puppy. I feel gutted.

I advised these people that I have spoken with the Australian Federal Police but they did not care.

Please do not make the same mistake that I made. We all need to be so very careful.


I just got scammed for two boxer puppies for 400 hundred dollars by ushipets...he could hardly speak English and told me that he will send confirmation number and flight details saying that the will be shipping them at 5:45 am and will arrive on Saturday at 8:45...then got threatened about animal abuse if I didn't pay an additional 1200 dollars..and even called the the guy who supposedly had the pups and his number took me straight to the agency. Fought with the guy and now is going to send me a Refund.

..I'm probably not going to get it .. :( :sigh


Yeap,they tried to do the same thing to me as well. I asked the guy to send me a picture of the puppy that he had the puppy and he hung up on me.

This is a Big Scam!!! DON'T FALL FOR IT.


I use Uship a lot of the past 4 years and have delivered over 300 items not to mention repeat business. My only complaints are the fact its hard to communicate with customers and Uship charges me too much.

I ship nothing but dogs and cats and never have had any big issues. If anyone is looking for a legitimate dog shipper


hi i very nearly sent money through western union based on a lie for getting a pure bred japanses spitz. i was emailing this address and this email who is named maria gomez.

it was all a scam! some of the stuff they said didnt add up like the puppy location which said melbourne originally but they said they were sending the puppy from perth. they then began to pressure me saying that another buyer wants to purchase the puppy and i have to rush to western union location and transfer 350 dollars! i didnt feel comfortable so i said i wouldnt buy it today.

i later researched more and there were so many similar stories of people getting scammed!

i cant report the ad on the site i listed above. the same seller is selling different breeds so i urge people not to fall for it and if its to good to be true, it probably is!


I was also scammed and yes, it was my own fault but this is a company and by now they have to know what people are doing with their company name. By now they should have stopped it but they haven't so shame on them.

For me, I wanted to get two kittens for me and my daughter, found them online, messaged the guy and agreed on a price, since then all I've had are phone call and messages and no kittens.

Yes, I should have checked this place out myself but I wasn't the one hiring them, this man was, I've done what I can to stop them, hopefully it will work. I know it's too late for me but I hope anyone reading this will not use them and for those that say it is our own fault, that my be so but we are all human and yes, I've learned my lesson.


Why would anyone order kittens that need to be shipped when kittens are abundant in every nook and cranny in the world?!


Uship is legit. It is the world’s largest online auction house for independent truckers.

They are a website where folks bid on picking up your stuff and delivering it.

Watch "Shipping Wars" on TV -- that is Uship.


I am going through the same thing right now. I really wish i would have seen this on Saturday instead of today, which is Monday.

I though i was buying an english bulldog for 300, which i paid via wire, should have been the first clue. Then they tell me i need to pay 650 for vet services and cage since the one the breeder proved wasn't right. I told them I couldn't pay that because we were never told about it. All I could pay was 200, and they that would fine because the company would cover the rest, they said i would get the 200 back.

so after i sent the 200 i thought everything would be fine and i would get the dog sunday morning, since that's when they told me i would receive it. they call sunday to tell me that i wont get the dog till monday because they want the vet to look at the dog before they deliver dog. So now this morning, which is monday, they call me and email me to tell me that i have to pay 1850 for insurance but it will be refunded back.

Needless to say i am not paying that. I told them to bring the dog to me and then i will pay the money but until i see the dog i wont be paying any more money.


Uship has nothing to do with you buying a dog from a scamer trust me i know i was looking for a english bulldog and eberybody i got a hold of was a bunch of scams all i had to do wad google emails phone numbers or names and everytime they all came up in scams


Okay so did anybody have someone respond back. Talk to them and stuff, because mine was named Bella too and the person was named ashton Deyvon or something?


THEY ARE OMG ! I thought IT WAS REAL , I got scammed too , but i payed 56.

I was really *** for not catching on quick though because When i told the man ill pay you 50 nd when he gets here ill pay the rest . SMFH


i just got scammed by these guys! :( THEY ARE SCAMMERS!!

dont believe me?! try it for urself!! i was done ou t of $1200 which was for a fake dog on a fake air line.. it was all FAKE!!

USHIP is a SCAM!! :(


For a better shipping experience where you get to keep what you earn, while passing the savings onto your customer....I highly recommend using They are currently a free service that promotes open communication between all parties and do not charge a commission. They specialize in all types of shipping including nationwide auto transport, pet transport, motorcycle transport, moving and freight.

@Better than Ush*p



uShip is a perfectly legitimate technology company based in Austin Texas. They don't actually ship anything. They simply created a software technology that gives shippers (you and me) a venue to meet and utilize a huge network of carriers. uShip has NEVER claimed to be a carrier of goods. In fact, they don't own a single truck!

If someone claims they use uShip to deliver goods, they are lying and you're likely the unwitting victim of a scam, a scam by someone misrepresenting uShip.

What's shocking to me is that it never occurred to you that you were being scammed. $580 for puppy life insurance!? $725 for a dog crate!? That's crazy!

As a warning, if an American diplomat contacts you over gmail from China and offers to put $100 mm in your bank account, it's probably a scam.

#436979 has illegal transporters on their site. Probably the same % are.

They actually kicked of a legal broker because they were warning shippers that a bidder was illegal.

Smells like the same scam as uShip.



Hello I am a uship rescue (animal) shipper. A good shipper will call to speak with you daily.

Also allow you to speak to your new child over phone or with face time. They wi not drop your child off at a place they don't feel comfortable with it. They should never ask for u to buy the crate (unless child is flying with out anyone). The shipper should supply blankets, bowls, leash, and the crate.

The owner should supply food, collar, a toy or two, and name of treats they like. The shipper should only transport one child or the family of children, making sure all vaccinations are up to date (and documentation from veterinary). This helps keep the child or children happy. I hope that you find your new child and a shipper that you like.

Here is my company name Sleepyhead ink/carrier.

Good luck

Karen :grin


Wow ur all ignorent. Uship is a legitimate company and its ur own fault for falling for scams.

Get over it. :cry

:cry :cry