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What I would Love more than Anything is that Uship is SHUT DOWN FOREVER!! They Lie to the carrier and customer to start they say they Uship say they never get between the carrier & customer WRONG!!!

They are 100% involved #2 They call it a BOOKING DEPOSIT & YES They pocket the money NOT the Carrier! if the customer pays on there uship payments they THREAT the customer NOT TO GIVE OUT THE PAYMENT CODE or they would be SUSPENDED!! Not to mention they charge us to pull out our money WTF!! They set the Deposit The carrier has nothing to do with that BUT if you mention anything regarding BOOKING DEPOSITS the will red flag you HUH WOW.

#3 I heard through uship from a Gentleman that used to be on there site What does Uship do SUSPEND my ACCOUNT HUH It doesnt matter if your telling the truth . Its what they say.

(opinion) There is so much more to say I'm behind ED 100% Call me Robert @ 409-502-1870 if I can help in any way. to close down this HORRIBLE Website (Uship) STAY AWAY FROM USHIP BE AWARE!!!!


Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Uship Cons: Customer service, No help.

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I agree 100%!!!!!! USHIP IS A JOKE!!!!!

They will lie, steal from you I have been saying this for years!!! save your time people don't listen they think they're getting a good deal BOY ARE THEY IN FOR A SURPRISE LMAO They pay uship one they register and a deposit then they say its a BOOKING DEPOSIT WHY DO THEY HAVE TO COLLECT A BOOKING-DEPOSIT???? Don't they say they have nothing to do with the job LMAO yeah right and NO YOU won't KEET THAT MONEY USHIP DOES!!! idiots!!!!

while the customer thinks they're getting a good deal // think about it there not legal a lot of those guys DON'T HAVE INSURANCE DOT CERT INS ETC. USHIP IS A SCAMMMM!!!