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I arranged to buy two 9 nine week old Bichon Frise puppies from a guy called Shawn Manderson who is a foreigh guy apparently based in Thurso, Scotland because of job. The puppies named Micky and Sandra were with him but he couldn't keep them because he was a photograhper who had just got a new contract and couldn't devote the time to them.

After asking loads of questions I was more convinced that it was genuine and agreed to buy the puppies and they were to be delivered to me.

Anyway, the day of deliver was arranged and I get a phone call to say they have been e-mailing me to arrange the payment details but none of them arrived (I now know why) so he gave me the details over the phone and told me to go and arrange a moneygram to Cameroon. Alarm bells started ringing but I was so caught up in the excitement of getting the new puppies that I discounted my niggling doubts. I was told once this had been done I would get a call telling me when the puppies would arrive. Got a phone call to say they would be at my house at 6pm.

A further phone call was received to say the name on the moneygram was wrong so I needed to go back to the post office and change the name. I stupidly did this. No further phone call about delivery. I e-mailed them.

Their "insurance dept" e-mailed me to say that IATA regulations determined that because the puppies were valued at £1300 I needed to pay them another £885 pounds by moneygram so that they could release the pups. They quoted paragraph, subsection etc but when I checked this out the regulations related to Air Travel. As the delivery from Thurso to Renfrewshire cost £55 there was no way the puppies were travelling by air. They did say that I would get this money back once the puppies were delivered!!

Thankfully, I realised before this that this was a scam. They have already stolen £410 of my hard earned cash and I have no puppies to show.

I can't believe I have been so *** as I always check things out but I let my heart rule my head! Be careful, if I can fall for this then anyone can!!!

Monetary Loss: $650.

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shipper said would pickup truck on Mon. I accepted his bid.uship got my deposit of $69++ ,then,shipper changed story and he would pick up truck on Sat.but truck was not avalible on Sat he can get truck on Sat.Plus the guy doesn't have a trailer,just a tow bar


He's using Jack Ryme now but still with the same spiel about being a photographer. I've been lucky and not handed over any money.