Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

to all you people. i am a shipper.

i have done jobs with no d.o.t. number. truck is under 10000lbs. if you say the shipments yours or doing it for no money you get away with it.

never stole anything and no bad feedback. i do my jobs and do them right. shipped a grandfather clock to up state ny. called the guy and was to be home.

started snowing so called again no answer. i by passed his house and said i cant just drop it. after 600 miles later he calls back he had an emergency. uship made me ship the clock fed ex in a crate with my money or i was off the site.

also the customers deposits are to go to the shipper. they never do. this is against the law. uship is a third party.

they back no one no matter what. u can also charge customers more after u book the shipment. if you get to a place and they have more than u booked u charge them more. either way they can cancel you on the spot.

the whole site is a rip. there owned by ebay and paypal. so if you list an ebay item they get money. customer pays paypal they get money.

you ship using uship more money. they pay shipping threw paypal they get again. so in some cases they are getting paid 4 times for the same shipment. so everyone knows there system.

they can be sued. just who wants to spend the money to do it.

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