Walnut Creek, California

This is by far the worst shipping company ever! They just allow anyone and everyone to ship items.

They dont even veridy if the shipper is DOT Certified. I understand all things dont require it, but the items that do, they needs to be verified at least! They rip people off on their uship fees. Their "support" team is full of ***.can i say scam?

They dont take responsibility for their shippers actions. If they dont verify that they dont have dot coverage..then they nees to pay for their error!

Complete waste. Freedom of speech i shall say!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If your. Items.

Where shipped. By cargo van or pickup.

Dot rules. And regulation.

Doesn't. Apply. Next time ask the carrier. If there dot setup., most carriers.

On here are not that is. Why that do it so cheap


If they spent a quarter of the time they do in damage control of people's reviews doing the right thing for the people making them money (legitimate carriers brokers and customers) maybe just maybe they would have better reviews. Their customer support team have had no training and if they had then they should go back to elementary school and start over.

Starting with the phone game and how it changes from person to person because not one person in the office gives the same answer... Too much time eating their free lunch and playing games...