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If you are trying to move an item from one area to another, you are a shipper and this post is for you. First of all, BEWARE, Uship is a ripoff and they operate outright illegally. For one, they force your carrier to bid on your freight in an "all enclusive" manner. Therefore the carrier must include items like tolls, permits (where applicable) and something called the truck's fuel surcharge. The last item, the (FSC), is absolutely illegel for anyone to touch. They take a percentage of all of the bid. ILLEGAL

But for you the shipper, that is a moot point. What you want is the best price possible from a carrier that can accomplish this both legally and safely. Pay attention here from a lisenced, legal carrier and I will teach you how to beat the USHIP ripoff system. All you need is the knowledge and I will explain the way. This is what you do....

If you don't have an account, go and set one up on SHIP (yes you heard me correct) and post your load. Then wait for your bids to come in. Now here is the tricky part. Every carrier that bids on your freight has a profile. Click on that carriers user name. He or she will have all the typical BS claiming that he is the best carrier in the world. But, what also will be there is his USDOT or MC number. This is what you are looking for. If their number is not listed... DO NOT USE THIS CARRIER!!! He is illegal. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

If his number is there, it's time for you to get your best price and here is what you need to know. Copy this number down or right click and copy. DO NOT click and follow the link supplied by USHIP. It is bogus. It is filtered from the real site. It is outdated. Instead go here...

This is a public domain. If you are a legal carrier in the USA all of your company information will be shown here. Including company address, what they are legal to haul. and company TELEPHONE NUMBER. You can search the company by name, dot # or MC #. If the company is not listed or the company is inactive..move on...once again you are being warned.

Now that you have this information this is the way it all comes together.

As explained above, I am a professional carrier. Recently I had my own personal item (a ATV) in Virginia that I wanted shipped to Florida. I did everything I explained above. Within 1 day I had 14 bids ranging from $580 to $935 to haul a 1400lb ATV. Out of the 14 bids, 7 of them came from carriers with no legal authority. No DOT. No MC. Even if their price was "good", I know if he gets caught my stuff ends up in an impound lot costing me 10x to get it back out. And if there is an accident? I am SOL.

But then there was this $580 bid from a small independent carrier so I punched his DOT number in the SAFERWEB site and 'viola... his business phone number.

OK shippers pay attention here...

I called him up direct. I said, "I think you have a truck in the Virginia area with some space. Is that correct?"

He said, "Ummmm, wellll, errr, yeah, but not till Monday."

Of course I knew that because he had bid for a Monday pick up. I said, "Great, I have a small ATV up there and I need it hauled back to Florida. Want to give me a bid?", all the while never letting up that I knew all about his bid on USHIP. Then I described my ATV and offered to send him a picture. Of course it was the same picture posted on USHIP.

He said, "I just bid that item on USHIP!"

I quickly interrupted him and said this.. (shippers this is important) "I don't know anything about any *** USHIP ***. Do you want the job or not? Give me a bid."

He chuckled and said "Sure. $580 minus USHIP broker fees comes to $475. Deal?"

"YUP" I said, "I will pay you $475 cash when you get my toy to my house. Not 1 penny up front. ..and BTW, I know where you live!!"

Looking up his authority and making sure he was a legal carrier gave me peace of mind and saved me $105 to boot.

Pass this information to all you know and make USHIP change their illegal practices to help protect the "mom and pop" type shipper who simply don't know any better.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Account.

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One only has to have a DOT number if their GVW is over 10,000 # or placarded amounts of hazardous materials or people. By the way, I would not do business with anyone who used "I know where you live". Also, inclusive is spelled with an I.


If you are hauling for hire in any shape or form you should have a usdot number and insurance. As a carrier there is no legitimate reason for you not to.

As a shipper there is no legitimate reason not to demand it. If someone hauling your items crashes into someone it also exposes you to liability. Their non commercial liability will pay the minimum and then the lawyer will say this guy owns a house let's get it. The non commercial insurance will not cover your items if they are damaged.

As a professional I carry 1 million in liability on me another million in liability to cover you and a half million to cover your items. Which do you want cheap or best?


simply put if your being PAID to haul your commercial.

Just pull into any scale house tell them your hauling a load for hire with no DOT#,MC # or insurance. When you leave, if you do let us know the amount of your ticket


Already did it and got let go because I haul under 10,000 lb, been doing it for years and spoke to many dot officers along the way. But please don't get into my business I don't need more competition, you're right I'm wrong


why not go on and pay him the full amount ? did you send uship their part of the fee ? sounds like you are the scammer to me!!!!!!


You don't need to be a a rocket scientist to haul an ate with a *** truck. His article is ***.

And you. Don't need to have any of that *** to haul people's stuff. All you need is to not be an *** and actually do what you say for the price you say. It's called being a decent person.

Uship is awesome and Helps a lot of people get things moved around the country easily all while allowing others to make small to big profits to earn extra income. Nothing wrong with any of that at all. Get over yourself. If you can do so can I and anyone else.

Most people on uship aren't driving semis or huge trucks. It's a half or three quarter ton with a trailer they borrowed from their dad for free and they need some extra cash each month and it's an easy way to make few grand more.


excellent comment !


Great post, without uShip would still be calling FedEx and UPS and paying five times the amount to ship because they had no competition


What if they say that their number is available upon request?


You sir are 100% correct. uShip does nothing.

They don't provide any service yet they charge the shipper a booking fee which is above and beyond by 25% or more than what a legit carrier or large 3PL would for the same shipment. It's horrible when you consider that uShip claims to be able to save you upwards of 80% off normal shipping rates. And the low bidders are the illegitimate brokers and TSP that you don't want any way. So the shipper pays more and ends up with a lot less service than had they just gone directly to a carrier or 3PL.

I suggest using a site like to get quotes from vetted and verified carriers. It's cheaper, easier and safer. I personally use a guy named Joel LeBlanc at Freightquote. I mostly ship LTL but on ocassion have a full truckload.

They have a website that I can log onto any time and get quotes from reputable carriers at prices much less than uShip. Plus, I don't have to pay an extra booking fee.

I know they make a few bucks on each of my shipments but the service and peace of mind I receive is totally worth it! Cheapest isn't always best and you get what you pay for!


BS. Those brokers are nowhere near cheaper than uship. stop lying.


Some is not true, in Texas if I stay under 26,001 lbs combined gvwr I do not need a dot#. Over that and I do ,and over 10,001 out of state I need us dot and mc#


yea overall tho it is best to to have your license and insurance right? what if you are hauling something quite bit expensive. Its best to no that if something went wrong or even if damage occurs loading or unloading that your tailend is covered both consumer and driver


If you're under 10k combined you don't need DOT/MC.



This is a joke I haul for a living and do not see any money in it


I have a question for you. So this sounds pretty legit, I am actually planning on shipping a bike from SD to IL and was using USHIP and have heard some sketchy stories so did some research and came across this.

Now lets say I do everything you say; get the USDOT number and call him myself and get him to make the delivery, what says he actually does it?

And if he does pick up the bike, what if he *** with it?

Thanks in advance.


"(cargo that is not federally regulated)"

Would you care to tell us what cargo is not "federally regulated"? lol

The *** that "professional truckers" post here is always amazing.


For-hire" carriers that exclusively haul exempt commodities (cargo that is not federally regulated) are not required to have a DOT or MC number....just an FYI


I am licensed and have my federal dot numbers and motor carrier(mc) numbers .if the hualer doesnt have a gcvwr (with trailer) or a gvwr (without trailer) of 10,001lbs or haul anything over that weight. then he doesn't need any dot or mc numbers or insurance or dot inspections or to stop at weight scales...I called the dot and searched for months about that info because I started with a Chevy 1500 stepside hauling everything under 10,000lbs.and I kept moving up with bigger trailers and bigger trucks.

Anything over 10,000lbs requires the same thing semi's do except for a cdl.

You only need a cdl for 26,001lbs and over(for hot shots with out hazmats or air brakes)...The only thing you have to worry about as a hauler under 10,000lbs without all the numbers and bs is the fact that your taking out of someone elses pocket that is running "legal" but hauling over 10,000 and they do get mad but I started out with a truck and a trailer in a *** of a mobile home with holes in the floor and no ac or heat and now me and my wife have 3trucks plus the one I started with and 7 different trailers and living in a nice neighborhood in a nice house..... so if you wasn't to make money GO FOR IT!


Where did you get your loads from? Because ALL the loadboards require an mc# i have a chevy 1500 amd single car open trailer and am being forced to get my mc# because i cant get work anywhere without an mc#.

So please tell me where you were getting jobs from! Because my family could sure use it right about now.