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If you are trying to move an item from one area to another, you are a shipper and this post is for you. First of all, BEWARE, Uship is a ripoff and they operate outright illegally. For one, they force your carrier to bid on your freight in an "all enclusive" manner. Therefore the carrier must include items like tolls, permits (where applicable) and something called the truck's fuel surcharge. The last item, the (FSC), is absolutely illegel for anyone to touch. They take a percentage of all of the bid. ILLEGAL

But for you the shipper, that is a moot point. What you want is the best price possible from a carrier that can accomplish this both legally and safely. Pay attention here from a lisenced, legal carrier and I will teach you how to beat the USHIP ripoff system. All you need is the knowledge and I will explain the way. This is what you do....

If you don't have an account, go and set one up on SHIP (yes you heard me correct) and post your load. Then wait for your bids to come in. Now here is the tricky part. Every carrier that bids on your freight has a profile. Click on that carriers user name. He or she will have all the typical BS claiming that he is the best carrier in the world. But, what also will be there is his USDOT or MC number. This is what you are looking for. If their number is not listed... DO NOT USE THIS CARRIER!!! He is illegal. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

If his number is there, it's time for you to get your best price and here is what you need to know. Copy this number down or right click and copy. DO NOT click and follow the link supplied by USHIP. It is bogus. It is filtered from the real site. It is outdated. Instead go here...

This is a public domain. If you are a legal carrier in the USA all of your company information will be shown here. Including company address, what they are legal to haul. and company TELEPHONE NUMBER. You can search the company by name, dot # or MC #. If the company is not listed or the company is inactive..move on...once again you are being warned.

Now that you have this information this is the way it all comes together.

As explained above, I am a professional carrier. Recently I had my own personal item (a ATV) in Virginia that I wanted shipped to Florida. I did everything I explained above. Within 1 day I had 14 bids ranging from $580 to $935 to haul a 1400lb ATV. Out of the 14 bids, 7 of them came from carriers with no legal authority. No DOT. No MC. Even if their price was "good", I know if he gets caught my stuff ends up in an impound lot costing me 10x to get it back out. And if there is an accident? I am SOL.

But then there was this $580 bid from a small independent carrier so I punched his DOT number in the SAFERWEB site and 'viola... his business phone number.

OK shippers pay attention here...

I called him up direct. I said, "I think you have a truck in the Virginia area with some space. Is that correct?"

He said, "Ummmm, wellll, errr, yeah, but not till Monday."

Of course I knew that because he had bid for a Monday pick up. I said, "Great, I have a small ATV up there and I need it hauled back to Florida. Want to give me a bid?", all the while never letting up that I knew all about his bid on USHIP. Then I described my ATV and offered to send him a picture. Of course it was the same picture posted on USHIP.

He said, "I just bid that item on USHIP!"

I quickly interrupted him and said this.. (shippers this is important) "I don't know anything about any *** USHIP ***. Do you want the job or not? Give me a bid."

He chuckled and said "Sure. $580 minus USHIP broker fees comes to $475. Deal?"

"YUP" I said, "I will pay you $475 cash when you get my toy to my house. Not 1 penny up front. ..and BTW, I know where you live!!"

Looking up his authority and making sure he was a legal carrier gave me peace of mind and saved me $105 to boot.

Pass this information to all you know and make USHIP change their illegal practices to help protect the "mom and pop" type shipper who simply don't know any better.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Account.

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Wrong posted earlier. YOU DONT HAVE TO HAVE AN MC or DOT number to haul freight....from the site you can learn that:

Who Does Not Need Authority?

All of this also dictates the level of insurance/financial responsibilities a company must maintain.

Carriers not required to have operating authority include:

Private carriers (carriers that transport their own cargo)

“For-hire" carriers that exclusively haul exempt commodities (cargo that is not federally regulated)

Carriers that operate exclusively within a federally designated "commercial zone" that is exempt from interstate authority rules. A commercial zone is, for example, a geographic territory that includes multiple states bordering on a major metropolitan city, such as Virginia/Maryland/Washington, DC I think that it is important that any carrier you select have insurance...but thats just common sense. As far as the rest goes.....its a load of *** (best cargo you've gotten).

So keep it to the facts. If you meet the requirements above, you dont need to get authority or have the Gov't thumb on you and your business.


Its funny cause when I go to US DOT GOV website, and follow the rules to a T it tells me I do not need a DOT number.

I am sure you will delete this and thats fine you are most likely just a carrier that hates competition, Much like Unions do too.

And as far as your other site goes that says we dont pay road taxes, I am curious as to what the taxes on my fuel is, As an ex truck driver I know this is the same tax you pay, yes you file for refunds and pay others states based on where you bought your fuel and how many miles you drove in those states too.


The problem with you and many others is you are not comprehending what you are reading. You went to the website with the mindset you don't need none of this so viola you read that you don't even before you started reading.

I will make this real simple for you. If you are transporting somebodys pet monkey in the back of your station wagon "For Hire" (key word here) you need to be properly licensed to do so.

What you are driving is relevant. Again..The key word here is "For Hire".


Craig said...

"Just keep in mind that when you run a small truck and a small trailer, ie under 10,001 lbs GVWR or GCVWR that you do not need to have a DOT or an MC number."

This BS has been passed around forever. Once you become "paid for hire" you need to follow all the laws. This includes a dot# and insurance. Not just cargo insurance but liability insurance as well. You are not going to get either one w/out the proper credentials. Furthermore, once you move from state to state, you must have IFTA (road tax) which you won't get w/out mc # as well. For those who think the state don't care about taxes, pretty much sums up how ridiculous the idea one does not need mc and dot #'s.

Finally, " I have been a class A truck driver for 3 years." and I have more time backing up a big rig than you have total.


Little late to this conversation...But 3 years as a truck driver? You're still in diapers


Just keep in mind that when you run a small truck and a small trailer, ie under 10,001 lbs GVWR or GCVWR that you do not need to have a DOT or an MC number. I have been a class A truck driver for 3 years and a fleet manager for 12 years.

This the law so check it out.

Also this does not negate the carrier from carring the proper amount of insurance to cover the load.


Only thing DOT has taught me in 35 years. Worry about yourself and I own every darn thing on the trailer.

Also have grossed 112,000 with dot pulling me over. Ticket for a dumb mistake on log book. Time too mind your own business. Lots of guys out there trying to feed there family do work most you big time operator won't do.


Off I go to deliver 3 bikes with my no dot# fully insured fithwheel hot shot. Later Steve


Remember this son.....You have to get lucky EVERY DAY when you run illegal....The DOT only has to get lucky ONE day. You see what you are doing is not a matter of "if" I get caught it is a matter of "when" I get caught!


Brokers used to charge 5 to 8% of gross shipping charge. If uship gets 17% thats gouging in todays market.

This sounded to good to be true and from what I read so far, its a rip off angle.


Sammy says..."Just because you've paid your State, Federal Government, and Union dues, doesn't mean you aren't a ***

Sammy, I will agree with you 100%. However, I have no idea how this relates to a novice type shipper trying to move his or her freight with both the safest and best price possible.

"I've shipped using both "legal" and freelance."

Translation.. I've shipped using both legal and illegal carriers. Of course this is completely your choice. But, don't be "shocked" when disaster might strike and you are left holding an empty bag.

"It all comes down to a crapshoot..."

Wrong!! Sammy your way of using illegal carriers is a *** Should an unforseen accident happen, when you use a legal carrier you can have the reassurance that I am backed by a AAA rated insurance carrier and your investment (freight) is financially protected.

"...and your way guarantees me nothing when it comes to the actual experience of the ship itself."

Again, your stuff is financially protected...guaranteed! As for the "experience of the actual ship"..??? What are you talking about? What do you want? Would you like to ride shotgun in my truck? (Which could be illegal)

"Some of you act like you walk on water."

Sammy, It's not an act. But then, as a novice shipper like yourself you could not possibly understand why. Onless you have been face/face with the DOT officer on the scales or side of the road. Then you and your equipment better be just about "God-like". ...or you could end up with a $360 ticket for putting the "wrong date on your log sheet" (LA)...or a a $75 ticket and a $168 repair bill for a non-existant "air leak" (NM)...or a $200 ticket for "sailing mud flaps" (NC) ...or a $250 ticket for "wrong color bed sheets in the sleeper bunk" (CT) How about a $2,500 ticket for a burnt headlight or a $13,500 ticket for expired trailer registration? (FL)

With that said Sammy, ship with who you choose. The origional post is for the novice shipper on how to hire a legal carrier and avoid the many, many problems that can arise from using "freelance" carriers.


:cry :cry :cry Just because you've paid your State, Federal Government, and Union dues, doesn't mean you aren't a ***

I've shipped using both "legal" and freelance.

It all comes down to a *** and your way guarantees me nothing when it comes to the actual experience of the ship itself.

Some of you act like you walk on water.


In today's day and age, It. Is. About. The. Money.



I can be most positive that I do know the laws concerning intra and interstate commerce.

I don't care what state you live in... if you are gong to haul commercial cargo you are required to have a DOT number... 10 lbs or 100k lbs. .. "instate" or "outtastate"

Where you get yourself confused is that "if" you are hauling your own stuff (which is not for resale) you do not need a DOT or a CDL if you stay at/under 25,999 lbs. This means that a large percentage of guys on USHIP running pickup trucks don't think they need to follow the rules. Personally I don't care what they do... like I said before, sooner or latter DOT will teach these guys the hard way. The point of the whole thing is the customer who does not know any better and hires one of these jokers.. this is what the post is all about.. How to avoid these illegal operators and USHIP that does nothing to teach the their customers or stop the illegal operators.

With that said, I hope you do some research yourself before you come in here ranting about things you have no clue.



The poster obviously doesn't know the laws and commercial vehicle regulations thouroghly. Yes when you are dealing with INTERSTATE COMMERCE you much have a USDOT and MC numbers and also meet all minimum liability insurance requirments and CDL license requirements, HOWEVER what was not mentioned is that in certain states where you only operate in that state IE INTRASTATE commerce as long as you have a GVWR of 10000 lbs or less or a GVCWR of 26000 lbs or less you do not classify as a Motor Carrier therefore you do not have to have a USDOT or MC number to transport and can do so LEGALLY under most circumstances as long as you operate in the Same state.

Now in the original posters situation yes you would need all the licenses and permits because it would be INTERSTATE but if he was shipping this ATV to another part of the State you would be able to do it as long as your truck and trailer were under that weight and length.

People really do need to know what they are talking about before they go on a rant. And as far as USHIP is concerned they offer BOTH INTER AND INTRA state commerce


For a better shipping experience where both the trucker and receiver of the goods can both save money without any hidden charges or fees, I HIGHLY recommend you try using It is a FREE service that specializes in all types of shipping services including auto transport, pet transport, freight, moving and so on.


i will haul anything that i can pull, lmao quit your fricking whining and dont worry about everyone else and do your job. if america would get on the right track we wouldnt have all the little whiners, all this dot # and mc # is just a piece of paper your government wants you to spend more money for.

oh wait does it make you better,*** no makes you think you are better.

thats right let the government regulate you little whiners som e more your all programmed!!!!!! wake up


In regards to tv show comment.. My opinion is that it's complete bulls....

I have yet to see bids go that high in price. And if they do, the shipper cancels it for being to expensive or they just reply by saying they are just trying to get price ideas.


Everything you have said is correct. Some people just don't understand the laws.

It seems most people can't figure out that U-Ship is making all the money. They charge the shipper and the carrier. I believe they are charging a little to much for there service. From what I've noticed is, by the time you pay Ship fees and fuel you may make enough money to buy yourself a cheeseburger for dinner..haha!!!

I personally think if these so called carriers knew what they were doing they wouldn't be biding each other down so cheap on these loads.

You can't run a business on pennies. Fuel, tires and insurance cost to much.


My comment above is for the novice shipper on how to hire a legal carrier for the best price. It is not for the guy who goes out and buys a pick up truck and "presto" he is a professional carrier. The only way he can get a load is thru USHIP because they both prey on the novice types and the only way he will learn is for DOT to teach him in his wallet.


I have to agree with your comments. With no USDOT # they are indeed, carrying shippers items illegally. KUDDOS!


Saying something is illegal does not make it so. Site the relevant laws you are talking about.

Can't find any laws refering to bidding or carrying frieght other than CDL and truck liscensing laws. I'm sure we can get into vendors and tax law but that really has nothing to do with someones ability to ship an item from one place to another.

This business is just like all businesses. Buyer beware.