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I was doing business with another internet shipping business that was a version of Uship. It was called I was really enjoying being able to make a few bucks on the side and did not feel pressured at all by how they ran things.

I made alot of money and connections doing what I did. As for Uship all they want to do is Control everything your trying to do. They are a Nit Wit company thats Bordering on being about as illegal as the old days of hot freight at almost Fuel Money. That TV show Shipping Wars is about the worst thing I ever seen.

Instead of promoting safe reliable carriers who were willing to move alot of BS moves and make some Money everyone who owned a pickup truck, van, car *** even people selling there Driving Services were Stabbing each other in the back and cutting rates on each other became a big game. Well let me tell you as a former trucking fleet owner people who do this type of transporting are a Virus on the Transport Industry. I done it for 36 years snd made good money and bad but Uship is a Tick on the biggest industry in the world. They pull their commision first then expect people with no background check or drivers license to pick up your goods and Maybe they will reach the destination.

Well Uship your time is up you need to be held to the same standards as all the rest of the trucking company's in America. But all Uship wants is to control the carriers money I have a 5 star rating to this day thru Uship and I made sure I took care of my customers but I wont bid on any shipping thru Uship ever again. Theres a ton of illegal practices going on and when the #### hits the fan you dont want to be in deep with them holding your money. They are as crooked as any Company I have ever seen and need to stop doing what they are doing it goes against the grain of every transport company in this country.

Uship does not care about Rules, Regulations, Haz Mat, proper product transport practices or anything thats been taught through out my life and they are a Sickness that will do more Damage to our Highway Safety Rules and employs Carriers who are not more than someone with a Map and a Pickup truck. I dont know how they pulled this off but what goes on daily is Illegal as it gets.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Shipping Service.

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Leave Uship alone, if you want to make any money. There's other places to find stuff to haul where you can charge enough to do you some good.


The single biggest problem I see with Uship is the absolute refusal to PAY ANY ATTENTION WHATSOEVER to their transport providers. No matter the question you will receive some pre-written canned unhelpful response. I'm mainly an exempt livestock hauler but have had so many issues with Uship's unfair and arbitrary policies that I stopped using their site.


Very well said as you I have been a top provider there and I have a stellar reputation.I am just about fed up with their practices and since I started to complain I have been red flagged twice in a month for what I do not understand. I sent in a complaint about how they hide their ever increasing "service fees".As I told them their hiding the fees makes it look like we as transporters are soaking them.


I am just getting started with my company i have dot and all the proper paperwork and equipment. I was going to go through uship to get started but im not going to now, thank you for your comment it helped me from getting scammed.

If you have any advice i would love it. Thank you,