Charlotte, North Carolina

uShip is paying off the Better Business Bureau there in Texas where they are located. I've heard of multiple complaints and yet the Better Business Bureau still rates them extremely high as though they have never had any complaints I found myself 3 that they called resolved,but they were never resolved.

They offer insurance for your load but they never pay off any insurance claims, they offer a service that you are supposed to have confidence in because they're tied into eBay, yet shippers will take your furniture all somewhere and sell that furniture that you help them load. UShip takes a large percentage and all for nothing in exchange except the gathering together a multitude of crooks and thieves for the benefit of you ship and not the customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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They not only ripoff the shipper they rip the transporter too. They hide their real charges to the shipper by burying it deep into the transporters part.

If the transporter in any way mentions uship fees they are red flagged and will be kicked off the site in time. I actually have saved an email from them stating that they do not want the customer to know of the real charges 20% to 30% because they would become disgruntled and not use the site. They are shady as ***. They have become bullies to realistic transporters.

They make up their rules as they go. It is a magnet for people who see their show on TV and want to be truckers and people who are riding around without any knowledge of the real costs involved in the business.


A BBB rating is based on their having a response to complaints, not the quality of work or a resolution. The actually only rate places that pay to be listed with them.

The BBB was once a place to identify quality companies, it's been worthless for that purpose for over a decade.

Especially since one has to pay to be listed.