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I saw an add for a Puppy, Siberian Husky. I paid for the dog and was told to send $250 Money Gram to Cameroon for delivering; the Breeder supposedly paid $600 to them for insurance cost which we were told we would be fully refunded.

When asking questions of why my dog was not delivered, they said that they tried calling me and came to my home in which I can say that was not true. I have been home all day waiting for the puppy, my phone was with me all day and I never received a phone call, nor an email, ot a text. They said because the puppy was abandoned and they had to pay for food and shelter, they want me to send them an extra $250. I told them to give me the number and address where the puppy is at but they refuse to do that until I pay the fee.

I am expecting the insurance refund of $850 upon delivery. But they won't deliver without me paying the food & shelter fee. I told, Mr. Brian Carcer, Manager of (USHIP) that I will drive personally to pick up the dog and pay them directly without sending money via Money Gram or Western Union.

They said I would not be allowed to see the puppy unless I paid them. It makes no sense to send them money if their suposedly going to refund me $850. I told them I will pay them when I pick up the dog or when the dog gets delivered. They refused and kept hanging up on me.

The number I called was (302) 417-3035 from Delaware; but the Breeder said to call the International Headquarters Number 23767-811-3361. They Claim I have abandoned the puppy which is not true, I am begging them to deliver the puppy I paid for and the papers have me down as the New Ownership of the Puppy. I demanded them to give me the address where the puppy is so I can pay them directly to get the puppy but, they said I wasn't allowed to see the puppy who in in my state of California. I told them many time that I wanted to pickup my puppy.

If they are going to refund me $850 in cash why can't they deliver the puppy I pay them $250 which they said was also refundable? They are holding the puppy for ransom untill I pay them what they want which is to Money Gram money to Cameroon before the puppy can be delivered. This is not good customer service, especially, if the Manager hangs up on me twice and then refuses to answer my calls.

This is not a legitimate USHIP Company. I want my puppy and they refuse to give Cindy the name of my Female Siberian Husky.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Uship Cons: Mgr hung up 2xs refused 3rd call.

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This is a very common scam. There is no puppy. Your money is gone.


Today is Sept. 28, 2015

Re: Cindy ( Siberian Husky Puppy )




REF: COMPLAINT!!! I am still waiting for my puppy. I went ahead and paid the $250 for food and shelter so they will deliver my puppy "Cindy." But e en after I paid them, they denied delivery of my puppy because I needed to pay an extra $450 for a permit. I told them I was planning to take Cindy to get her Registered and Buy a Permit at the SPCA as soon as the puppy arrives to my home.

They still refused to deliver my puppet because I will not pat their cost of the permit. If they claimed to have delivered my puppy and I wasn't home after I paid for insurance cost to receive the puppy via door to door delivery; then, why won't they deliver the puppy as promised? Now, they are saying I have abandoned the puppy, when in fact, I am insisting that they tell me where the puppy is so I can pick her up. But they said I cannot see the puppy.

Now, they are saying if I don't pay them the $450 for the City Permit that they will be sending the puppy to Texas. The Breeder is trying to help me get the puppy but, I never met the Breeder, therefore, I don't know who to believe at this point. Because the. Breeder told me to pay the $450 so I can get my puppy.

I said I will pay but I needed to see the puppy first.

So now I am worried they will end up keeping the puppy for themselves and/or it can be possible that there really isn't a puppy. afterall, or is this a real scam gone wrong???

San Francisco, California ALC


If you are referring to the same website that I know of, USHIP is not a shipping company, it is a resource for people that have something to ship to reach out to carriers(such as myself) to provide the shipping. It sounds like a scam for sure, but from the seller of the puppy, which has nothing to do with USHIP. I pray that you can recoup your money.


That puppy most likely does not exist and it is just a scam. Money gram should be an automatic red flag.. don't send any more money because they are not going to give you a puppy, they just want to take your money.