Perth, Western Australia
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I am expecting shipment of 2 Minature Schnauzer pups - SEE on your sight they have been able to register the shipping -

BUT I got an email as follows:

"If you use PayPal then the transaction will clear within 3 days.

If the WESTERN UNION Transfer is used it will clear within 1 to 3 hour .

If any paper product is used it will take 1 to 2 weeks to clear.

A bank wire transfer will clear within 24 hours.

Pet(s) will hold with a deposit up to 4 weeks. After that other arrangements will need to be made.So you are requested to pay the total sum via any WESTERN UNION STORE since it will be preferable.Fast,Reliable,Safer and Cheaper also due to the point that, we have their Units here at this Pets-Cargo Department designed for such transactions.You are requested to send the money to the Director/Cashier available on duty using the address below."

PLEASE ADVISE ASAP - Andrew - 0447909606

Reason of review: Uship is used by fake shippers.

Preferred solution: Somehow properly qualify jobs before allowing users to post shipments - I am not sure how that is even possible ??.

Uship Pros: Some advice pages re payments.

Uship Cons: Inability to actually talk to someone.

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