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Uship blocked access for victims to communnicate when they were scammed by LSA Logistics last year involving bogus boat transport by freighter.

All they care about is their public image. It is likely they knew about criminal activity before others were victimized and made no effort whatsoever to warn people about the ongoing fraud by LSA Logistics even though they knew enough to suspend them from their website.

One pricipal of LSA Logistics has been arrested in California and law enforcement (look for the CATCH taskforce) is looking for other victims to gather more evidence. Call CATCH and tell them if you were scammed.

Most of all stay away from Uship.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Website.

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If anyone wants to write USHIP's INVESTORS to let them know how you been scammed here is there address. They should be told by the thousands that have been scammed.

Robert Kagle

2480 Sand Hill Road Suite 200

Menlo Park California 94205

PHONE 678-595-2183


Just to show you how far USHIP will go to hide the truth, they changed the wording on SUSPENDED MEMBERS so when you do a GOOGLE SEARCH it only shows the ones they want you to see. The new PHRASE to GOOGLE is this.

"This member is currently suspended from the USHIP SITE" Way to go USHIP it just shows how much you will hide the truth just so you can keep getting your money.

Also I see USHIP just landed some SUCKER into lending them 2 MILLION DOLLARS and they are looking for another 2 MILLION, this is why they are hiding as many scams as they can to look good for some INVESTOR. I sure hope they arent going to take the money and run but time will tell.


Well at least Your and *** chose an appropriate name - and it's YOU'RE you ***. In fact- many people who chose a transporter on Uship chose providers with very mainstream prices.

Assuming that all victims went with the lowest price is the assumption of an *** !! I guess when "your" an *** buys a car he goes with the highest price instead of doing what the "idiots" do. Someday "your", when you're victimized, we'll see if you'll

be pissed or not.

Instead of weeping, an organization of victims succeeded in getting at least one slimeball indicted for multiple felonies. Not bad for a bunch of whining idiots.


Uship like Craigslist can't be responsible for every ***. Read the site, they expain choosing a provider. You went with cheap and got what you deserved!


Is it reasonable to expect that a shipper should have the knowledge to not only check for a DOT license for a carrier, but also know to check for active status and insurance on file ? If this information is important then it should be the responsibility of USHIP to inform it's shippers of these facts.

That is if USHIP gives a *** what happens to it's shippers. Case in point, LSA Logistics, who engaged in many bogus contracts through USHIP, had a stolen MC license and no insurance. If USHIP had only explained the basics of checking out shippers, many who lost thousands of dollars would not have wound up as victims.

The ONLY things USHIP cares about is there marketing and their income and nothing else. The FBI has a list of complaints about ripoffs facilitated through USHIP as long as my arm.


Want to see just how bad it is on UShip and what they hide from the unsuspecting Shipper? Want to see all the ripoffs? Just read some of the feedback of the so-called Carriers.

1 - 100 of 1,470 English pages from uship.com for This profile belongs to someone who is no longer registered member (Account suspended). (0.16 seconds)

Google the entire entry below:

This profile belongs to someone who is no longer registered member (Account suspended) site:uship.com



This comment is not true, there are a few legal hard working carriers on Uship, if the shipper would only check for DOT numbers with active Operating Authoritys status and have certain limits of insurance on file with the DOT. Uship should remove the illegal and face criminal charges.




Just Google:

UShip scams

to see what really goes on and that UShip hides from the consumer "Shipper"


Don't be fooled just because Uship has a top 100 transporters list. This means nothing.

When one of those tranporters decides to go criminal - Uship will leave you out in the cold and won't make any effort to warn other customers about a shipper they have contracted with who has already defrauded someone else. The most they will do is suspend the shipper from their list -but they will opt to do nothing to assist law enforcement with apprehending the perpetrators.

Uship is more concerned with preserving their reputation than actually helping any customers who are victimized. BEWARE !!!!!


Allie Kao has been arrested. Michael Fritzen is actually a fictitious name used by a man currently being sought by law enforcement.

Regarding cell phone as a red flag - these folks had an office and fax number that were used with customers besides the cell.

Paperwork, licensing and even a Dunn and Bradstreet rating all combined to put potential victims at ease.