Bushkill, Pennsylvania

I have been on the road for 3 weeks with major truck issues. Which caused me to have to borrow money from uship account.

Now it seems that my truck is running OK i made a delivery last night expecting to get paid because I'm out of funds and uship has garnished all of my money and refuses to release it

So now what am I to do. I am stuck on pa. Turnpike with animals. No money no food and a loaded trailer.

They could have released half the payment. How do I could move forward to finish delivering. Now everyone is calling wondering where their product is. I'm in need of help.

Just trying to make a living like everyone else. I called uship and asked them to contact their customers and inform them what's going on and they said it is my responsibility. When in fact there the ones who has the money for the shipments. They do not release any money until you have completed the delivery.

If you get any early funds you are charged fees.

We pay fees to book. Basically what I m saying is you become a slave to uship.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Account.

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Yes Alicia Richardson was arrested in Collier County at the age of 20 years old for having an unknown suspended license. Now she is the owner of a thriving and respected company ShippersMarket.com


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So you are operating a trucking business and have no money to maintain your equipment properly or take care of a breakdown on the road so you blame uShip for them not allowing you to take out an advance? Is that correct? GTF out of the trucking business if that is the case as you most certainly don't belong in business.

Would you order at afast food restaurant that had no food to cook for you until you paid them up front so they could go to the store for it or would you go to the place next door that had a fully stocked kitchen?

You have no business bidding on any shipment and then dissappointing the paying client over your own shortcomings. Get it straight, you entered into an agreement with the client first and foremost. You have the clients contact information the second your bid is accepted. Don't blame uShip, they are the tool that allowed two parties, you and the shipper, to get together in the first place.

If you don't have the financial backing to operate a trucking business, with the legal authorizations and insurance to do so, go find another job that does not put the general public at risk.


This post implies that it's uShip's fault the carrier's truck broke down and he did not have enough money to fix it. While it's certainly an unfortunate situation, this is simply not the case. We're a neutral marketplace and we don't bear any responsibility to make sure the drivers who use our site to book loads have enough operating money.

The customers who booked with this provider chose to book using our online payment system which ensures the provider will be paid on delivery. However, in the case of animal shipments, customers can release payment at pickup. I'm not sure if the carrier is aware of this.

We do have an option for early withdrawal in which the provider is being fronted money that has not yet been earned by uShip. It's a courtesy and we are putting ourselves at risk of not being paid back in the case of cancellations or businesses closing, so yes, we charge for this service.

The bottom line is that everyone is responsible for their own business.


This is what happens when you let illegal carriers bid on shipments on your site.You say you can't check every one that bids on your site. You offer carrier watch,if they don't pass carrier watch they can't bid on loads


I deal with several other sites and they will lock me out if I don't keep DOT and insurance up to date. I encourage u-ship to do the same. It's easier to compete when it's a fair game!


Uship should NOT have anything to do with the cost of shipping. That's between the customer and the carrier!!

you should just collect your little flat fee deposit. But no your t two greedy!! you have to book 3 jobs before you can get an ADVANCE!! Then Uship tells the customer that we get the deposit back after the job is completed ***!!!!!

Uhip sets the carriers deposit then they say we get it Again ***!!!! They set it and keep the deposit.



In esscence uShip is operating as an illegal freight broker. Somehow they've found a way to skirt the FMCSA in order to operate, but the bottom line is that they are an illegal freight broker.

People needing transportion and those offering transportation(shipper and carriers) would be monitored closely by a freight broker that would insure the legal and financial repsonsibility of all parties involved was met. Anyone (shipper or carrier) that use uShip does so at their own risk.

Someday the CSA will take a huge *** out of uShip and uShip will be history.