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Ken Kelly posted on your website that he had 2 rottweiler puppies that were 12 weeks old that he had to give away free to a good home due to a new job he had to take. I responded to his ad due to I love rottweilers I have one now as my service animal and was looking for another one to be able to train due to my Zues is getting up there in age.

Mr. Kelly replied back via text which I provided some of the messages and we had set up for my family to adopt one of his puppies but on 01-12-15 I had tried several times to contact Mr. Kelly to contact regarding the transaction of the puppy via telephone even offering to call him but he never responded until 01-13-15 stating he was sending a puppy the next day that we would be contacted by the delivery service which we were. We didn't find out about the adoption fee and delivery fee till that call and found out it would cost us $250 to get our puppy delivered to us that day, thanks for the heads up!

I had a hard time understanding him but he called and stated we would receive a e-mail with instructions on what we needed to do before the puppy would be delivered tonight. In the e-mail it stated that we needed to pay them $250 via western union which was a red flag for me plus that Mr. Kelly had yet to contact us. By the time the delivery service called back I had ran a background check on their business name and on Mr.

Kelly's address and found out that there is already a complaint for Mr. Kelly's address in a females name for exactly the same sale he was proposing to me, the sale of 2 puppies to a good home due to circumstances as I read the complaint he had the exact same e-mail that was sent to me word for word using the same shipping company except I told the shipping company I would not send the money I would pay when they brought the puppy to my door.

These men do not realize how much they hurt me, I'm on a fixed income and after months of searching I finally thought I had a chance of getting my next service animal without going broke, they told me they would be willing to work with me on a payment plan now I don't know what I'm going to do or where to go! They use this scam to make money but they shattered my hopes!

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Website.

Reason of review: I am pissed but mostly hurt and disappointed like I said I'm on a fixed income and thought I finally got my new service animal that I could afford and now that dream is gone, there is no amount of money you can place on my loss.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Ken Kelly just tried to pull the same scam on me. Only it was for 2 yorkie puppies.

He sounded real convincing in his emails to me. So, I Googled his name. And there he was with this complaint. The transport company was also going to be Uship.

Please don't do business with this guy. He just wants the money.

I offered to pay him once I received the puppy, to be sure it wasn't a scam and he swore he was legitimate. Thank goodness I Googled him before I sent any money.


I'm sorry to read this kind of stories over and over again.

This is how the wold looks like nowadays, people being evil and liars just for money.

I got into that situation a while a go and now trying to share this with people.

I'm posting a lot to let as much people as i can about this !

I hope you will have a good day!