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I recently booked a transportation service from Kimberly through Usip. The booking time was to to pick up a dog on January 2, 2016 from its breeder in Alabama (who is located in the same state as the transporter) and have it transported on January 4, 2016 in Florida to Sonic Express which is a Bahamian cargo company.

Sonic Express was unable to accept it until he is six (6) months old, therefore she was told to bring him back on the 25 January 2016. So instead of her taking back to the breeder Kimberly requested to board the animal for $100 a week until his shipment date, because she didnt felt it be wise to let the breeder hold on the dog after receiving payment. So i give her permission to board him until the 25 january,2016. Doing the dog boarding period Kimberly had showed signs of mistrust and fraudulent actions to me.

She claim that the breeder didnt provide the dog with a health certificate and demanding funds to obtain one, (even though her profile shipping requirements states she dont transport any animals without their health certificate). then on the 23 January 2016 (two days before shipment), Kimberly claims that dog needed his AKC papers in order to be shipped, and that the process takes additional tweleve (12) days to obtain. The following week i questioned Sonic Express (the drop off destination) about those papers. The manager informed me that there is no such requirement or a need of any AKC paper nor do they know what it even is.I also requested updated pictures of the dog during his time with her (to keep track of his growth).

Kimberly provided me with only two photos each on only two occasions; pickup day and 1st weeek of boarding. She also try to get me to mark item as delivered and leave her feedback (even though she still posession of the dog). I reported this situation on many occasions through uship support. Kimberly smith then replied that she reshipped the dog the next day if i send additional $200 (even though initially she said she would reshipped him without a fee and i paid $120 the first time so where is the extra $80 for) i still paid the $200 instantly because i wanted my dog i then emailed uship the receipt of payment.

Kimberly smith denied knowing the paypal account i email to uship (even though i been paying boarding fees to the exact same account). She also said the next day she been to location at 7:00 and waited and hour and no one showed up so she left. (She knows quite well the company open at 9:00) Kimberly smith tried to double scam me by deniaI of $200 so she wont be required to refund it back and also making up the delivery so she could keep the dog (that's if she even has it anymore). Like i said i reported this on numerous occasions with strong evidence to Robby T (mostly) VIP and Commercial Support Specialize David L.

| VIP and Commercial Support Specialist and wrote a letter Michelle T -Sr. Trust and Safety Specialist. Its one thing to let Kimberly smith to still have possession of a person package when they are trying to get it from her but it's another let her still operate when I provided evidence of her scam. I guess uship is taking the dollar sign approach - money making from this customer vs money making from this member.

I am 28 years old and I witnessed scam from people (it's all over the Internet) but I never seen a company this bad in trying to resolve it.

Worst experience in my life and hopefully my lifetime. By the way the dog cost me $1,000

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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USHIP care about their commission and not the shipper or transporter. USHIP is a scam.