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eBay has 319 complaints on Pissed Consumer. uShip has 141.

eBay is a $10 Billion Company. uShip is a $10 Million Company. If you were comparing apples to apples. If the companies were of equal size uShip would have 141,000 complaints compared to eBay's 319.

For more information Google "uship scams".

Sadly uShip may be one of the most dangerous sites on the web. It purports openness, but it is really a platform for thieves and scam artists. Nine out of ten of uShips "carriers" are illegal. And since almost all of the people that want to ship on uShip have little or no experience in shipping they become easy victims of over charges, extra fees, damage, and theft.

The vast majority of uShip "Service Providers" are just a guy with a truck. They haul without license, authority, bond, or insurance. uShip executives are fully aware of this, but deny any responsibility saying that the users police the site. The problem is that the users are amateurs and they don't realize that they are being scammed in most cases.

Further, since uShip limits communication between carriers and users it is impossible to determine if a scam is in the works until it is too late.

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Maybe you should try using local sites as I use and they are run locally and not internationally. Uship is to big and cannot have the time to deal with individuals.

I contacted and was able to message the transport company and work out details. FreightBidz also allows the client to upload the money for the job but not release the funds until the job is complete and they are satified. also seems to have genuine people who you speak to and no scammers.


You asked, "9 out of 10 carriers are illegal? Where do you get your statistics?"

Just go to the uShip directory and see how many carriers list their DOT#.

Almost none. Why not? If they have one, they have to put it in plain view on the vehicle. They don't list them because they don't have them.

uShip could easily require this information, but they won't because it would change their highly touted hundreds of thousands of providers to just a few hundred. Of course uShip shippers would be safer but uShip does not care about that.


9 out of 10 carriers are illegal? Where do you get your statistics?

I guess you have a list of all registered members, then you have done background checks on said members, and that is how you have offered this claim?