Florence, Kentucky

new shippers, new trailers, new trucks and working for less than a dollar a mile.

does anybody know math!

Cost just for fuel .50 per mile IF you can get 8 miles per gallon and not pay over 4 dollars a gallon,

now take your Ins., and truck payment (I know you have one because you have to be dumb to work for less than 1.50 mi.) and divide that by the number of days that you really drive. ( you do know how to divide right!) and that will tell you how many miles you need to drive per month just to break even.

Now you need to figure wear and tear because that piece of *** your driving will not last long.

You might make more at the local hamburger joint

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You definitely need to nofity your insurance company. The property will no longer be owner occupied they can deny a claim.

You will need to get a DP3/landlord policy. Your rates WILL NOT go down because the risk is higher. No one will take care of you home the way you do. Tenants increase the risk.Also, you would Never be liable for the personal property of a tenant (except if you were completely negligent).

However, as a landlord I would require your tenants to carry a renters policy simply for the Liability portion of the policy. Liability is the coverage that protects you from you tenants or your negligence. Like, if you were at your property one day to do some yard work left the hose out on the sidewalk the postman trips over it. He would probably sue you.

Liability covers that. I would suggest no less than $300,000 per occurance. It's usually pretty inexpensive (around $40.00 a year) to bump it up from $100,000.00 to $300,000.00.FYI: The insurance company probably would not deny the claim but after the claim was closed they would most definitely set you up for non-renewal.

That looks very bad when shopping for a new company. One of the questions will be: Have you ever been non-renewed why?Hope this helps


When you see or understand how uShip really works, then you see how fake the tv show really is. That said, there's no money to made as a carrier on uShip. Like the original post describes, a carrier ships goods to make money. There are costs involved and a lot of us try to be upfront and run an honest business of it. I don't mind that uShip makes however much they want off of the shipment, that's their perogative. I know how much I placed a bid for. The problem as described is that we (carriers) have bills. Fuel, load/vehicle insurance, proper weight registration, hotels, meals, wear and tear on equipment, etc. And when you break all of this down, the bids most carriers are putting in will net ZERO money at the end of the day.

It's a running joke, but I tell anyone and everyone that needs something moved from one place to another to just use uShip, you won't find a cheaper way to get what you want to where you want. That's a fact. Carriers are dropping their pants to get your business. At the end of the day, you could literally pump gas for 8 hours and make more in a day than a carrier on uShip.com

I don't even want hear from the "shippers" or rather, people wanting items shipped, whining about "poor" service. You couldn't deliver this stuff yourself for the money the carriers charge. If you got a bit of "attitude" during the transaction, put on your big girl panties, nobody wants to hear it....


Not sure how you say carriers using uship make no money. I know a guy that works a week on a nd week off out of Texas pulling only motorcycles and small atvs using a dodge 2500 and like a 20 foot trailer and profits around $80,000 a year.

Working only half the year!!! I am a carrier on uship and did it o ly to make a little side income. I can build a single route from Michigan and collect 5-6 bikes and take them to Florida and bring back the same amount and make 2-$3000 for 4-5 day trip. Gas is around $2 a gallon and the trip is around 2000-3000 miles including drop points so do the math.

Truck gets just say 10 miles per gallon hauling. So 3000 / 10 = 300 x 2 = $600 in fuel you ***! Take $600 from my $3000 I just made and I bring 2400 slabs of bacon home to momma and the kiddies for 5 days of work! Go find s job that pays that.

So I put 3000 miles on the truck! Big deal! The truck doesn't break down every 10,000 miles! Sure gotta buy tires once a year or so!

Hats cheap! $1000 maybe out of the $30,000 I made Doug side hauling. Hahaha. There is a ton of money being made on uship!

If there wasn't people wouldn't use it! People are not that ***! It's very profitable!

Very!!!! So you sir are way wrong!


Oh yeah.. shipalmosteverything.com is free.

That is if the business is not already closed! The whole site is no more


Do the math is right....gotta wonder if something else is being shipped along with the puppies and lamps! Good cover for going up and down the east coast.....


You people being a government approved carrier, having paid all your fees and dues, doesn't guarantee me anything.

You could still be a *** and treat me like ***.

I'm still in the same boat either way if I get a bad experience...I have to deal with a non-legal, or I have to deal with your boss who is inclined to side with you anyway, right?

Get Real. Doing business the old fashioned way, trust your gut, pay half up front, half when finished, on a handshake, is worth the savings. It's about the money as a driver too. If he wants to get paid, he does me a good job.

@Sammy Shipper

Amen x 100


Only 4 episodes shows everyone how *** the program was. I think UShip must of put a stop to the show.

If you ever watched this program these drivers would lose stuff off the truck. Falling over or hitting things.

And UShips name is on the show. Not good for Business for UShip.


Uship has a bunch of dummys hauling freight. And you can check it out on a program called Shipping Wars on channel A&E.

They bid for a load and the lowest person wins the load. Then not only are they bidding for a load for say a flatbed. You have a girl with a animal trailer biding on it until she figures out it is for a flatbed and just screw the guy with the flatbed out of money because she was bidding down the price (Blond). And you guys wonder why truckers can't make any money on loads.

Because you have *** *** drivers like these on Shipping Wars. And this program could not find real truck drivers so they had to settle for these dummys.


No I'm not jealous because i don't drive, it has nothing do with tv, ***. You can drive all day.

if you end up with empty pockets,then you are ***.

So drive that in your pie hole trucker! :cry :grin 8)


For a better shipping experience where you get to keep what you earn, while passing the savings onto your customer....I highly recommend using www.ShipAlmostAnything.com They are currently a free service that promotes open communication between all parties and do not charge a commission. They specialize in all types of shipping including nationwide auto transport, pet transport, motorcycle transport, moving and freight.


Uship does nothing but let the most Illegal Scabs work for them in the trucking industry,and then charge a unbelievable high Broker fee and they are not even legal Brokers.Can't wait till Matt Chasen ends up in the slammer for saying they are not brokers and only charge a match fee. A PIG with lipstick is still a dirty Pig!


Marc has personality? now thats some funny stuff there now.

Marc should have kept his other job prior to thinking he can run a truck line.

That show featured nothing but wannabe's. Get a grip.


ShipAlmostAnyting.com is clearly the better option.


In an effort to save money for everyone. I would highly recommend everyone reading this posting to try ShipAlmostAnything.com. It is a FREE service. As a trucker you get to keep all your money that you work so hard to get.

No commissions.

As a shipper, you save money because the trucker does not have to tack on additional fees to cover their commissions they have to pay on other websites.

Its a win-win


Sounds like jealousy to me. Just because you are uninteresting and cant make a go of your job doesn't lesson what these guys do.

I happen to know Marc personally and know he spends a lot of money on insurance, licensing and the proper documents as if he were a major trucking company.

Don't hate because he has a personality and made it to Tv. Shut your pie hole and drive truckers!



Has anyone seen that A&E is having shipping wars season finale? 4 episodes and already the season finale? Hmmmm.