Plano, Texas

I recently was given a beautiful 4 year old paint horse by a family member. My job was to get him home from 2 states away. I had never done anything like this. I considered renting a horse trailer and going to get him. My husband happened onto the UShip website and it sounded interesting. We submitted my information and began to receive e-mails immediately.

The one I chose was not the first but I took my time and kept reading them as they came in. I just kept going back to this one. I liked her attitude and the information she gave sounded good. I appreciate the good communications left by this provider. She was always prompt and clear with everything.

My horse was treated with patience since he had never been on a trailer before. He was given water regularly, food the entire trip, and rested periodically. This was all new to him, he had never left the ranch he was born on. He arrived less than 24 hours later a happy, energetic fellow. I know I could not have done this job myself. They are professionals with a lot of experience. They obviously love horses and treat them as they do their own. I can't say enough about acravens to adequately express my appreciation to this fine team of providers.

My experience was totally positive and I would not hesitate to use them or UShip the next time I have a need.

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Why does it say 'pissed consumer' when this is consumer was totally pleased with the service???


Sounds like an employee on Damage control


We here at uShip are glad to hear that your shipping experience was positive, and that your horse was handled with care and delivered safely. We hope that you left feedback for the Service Provider, and the Service Provider left feedback for you.

As always, please a review a Service Provider's profile and communicate on the site before accepting a bid.

Our Safe Shipping Guide is available to aid in this decision-making. When in doubt, read through our FAQs and/or contact Member Support.