North Port, Florida
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It is common knowledge that Uship has nothing but smoking mirrors and a very questionable reputation. NOTHING is as it appears there at Uship.

Look at the ebay complaints over the bullsh&t price estimator! Consumers THINK they are saving money but in the end they could have saved a minimum of 20% if goggled and called a transport company direct. I have to ask why ANYONE would want to pay 20%+ for a service that is nothing more than a middle man when you can go direct with the transport company? How does it make you feel that you just gave Uship 560$ to get my phone number?

It is comical how Uship try's to prevent site circumventing but I have found it relatively easy to go around the clowns. Just this week I took 6 shipments way from them before they knew what hit them. When you ask a question you get canned responses that totally dances around the question you asked.

MOST of the employees there do not have a clue to the transportation industry. There is one employee there named Cleat---Real name Allen Cleat Broome who thinks he is smarter than the rest with the ridiculous answers he submits to questions but in all reality he should have stayed out in *** Bay pursuing his dream of photographing butterflies!

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Hi, I am a Customer Relations Specialist at CitizenShipper. I was both shocked and dismayed to hear about your experience.

I'm really sorry to hear that you had to go through all this.

I wanted to let you know about We're also an online shipping marketplace, and connect customers like you with drivers. What really distinguishes us from other service is our commitment to customer safety and satisfaction.

Drivers on CitizenShipper undertake stringent screening checks before picking up any customer shipments, including a nationwide Background Check, and also address verification. We also feel our community policed review and feedback system helps users to *** out undesirable members leaving only the drivers who conduct themselves with professionalism and integrity.

In addition to this, we've also just integrated a dispute resolution system which further enhances user safety on our site.

If you do find yourself in need of quotes and professional drivers, please reach out to us at Support 'at' citizenshipper dot com, or call me on 1-888-263-4804 and I'd be happy to find you a professional driver.