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First I have read ALL the complaints here and I have to make a few comments and point out ALL the complaints errors. FIRST Uship is a middle man.

Meaning you pay them to list an item and people willing to move your items pay to get your information. Meaning anyone with a divers licence and a truck can bid on your load. Second Every person using Uship services are trying to send items as cheap as possible. Cheap is cheap always!

You are getting the service you are paying for. DON'T expect to get what you want or how you want it. The professional company's that are large and established may pick your load for a back haul (chances are unlikely) and make arrangements with you TILL a better paying job comes along. If time is a factor and you need an item picked up and delivered in a window then hire a professional company.

Third Quotes are give based on your given info a QUOTE is a QUOTE. Unless you sign a contract you can expect price differences.

Logistics of being able to pick-up and deliver your item may affect the price as well. Unless items are coming off a loading dock and being delivered to a loading dock.

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