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We are the 3rd largest shipping company in the United States. Most customers have no clue that because of the fees Uship charges the shipper pays more thn if they would have just googled shipping companies.

Here is an example. We booked a shipment for a full truckload. The bid was for $3850.00 Uship kept $392.00 for themselves as profit. The fee the customer pays to uship is not passed on to the shipper.If this customer would have called us directly we could have done the load for. $392.00 less

SHIPPERS BEWARE before you use uship check out www.shipalmostanything.com

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Moving from diego to orlando,,,but I read your comets so I guess I"ll stay , :(


someone from uship answer this. why do u not tell the shipper that the fees u take from the tsp goes to u and not us.

how hard is that. i tell them every time they book a load. 9 out of 10 customers i book cancel and work off line. i dont care if i have 200 cancellations.

they trust my feedback and understand your lying. its awesome when they trust a tsp and not your *** i do a $2000 job uship takes $300. after we cancel. i get $2000 uship gets $0.

customer happy tsp happy. uship gets *** e d. sorry matt but your a *** head. maria your a slutty ***.

all uship tsp's do this it will break them. dont worry if they try the 90% refund 10%credit.

they have to give 100% refund its the law. u can also hold all product till they and u get paid.


You guys should absolutely check out www.ShipAlmostAnything.com It is currently a free service. You get to keep what you earn and pass the savings onto the consumer.


Why is everyone hating on uship? By providing a platform that allows transporters to plan multiple shipments on each trip, they actually help keep shippers costs down, while improving carriers profits.

As with any open market, the consumer can, and should research for the best fit for their needs. No one is holding a gun to their head to use any carrier.


I was a tsp on uship till they started to steal the money i was making with ther new scam safe pay matt you are a *** theif and should have you *** kicked and christa the same goes for you ushp sucks and most of all tsp are not insures and don't have legal dot numbers


In response to Uship - your site is the biggest scam I have ever seen in my life. Hope you are happy sitting there ripping people off who actually work hard for a living hauling and exposing consumers to scams and fraud.

Someone will replace your regime soon hopefully. Until then - shippers and haulers beware!!!


uShip offers people in need of shipping services a single place to receive bids, in other words quotes, of what it will cost to deliver their items. Using the online shipping marketplace, the customer can connect with some of the thousands of Transportation Service Providers registered on the site.

The customer can review a Service Provider's profile for company information, ratings, and most importantly written feedback from other customers. Therefore, the shipping customer can choose a Service Provider that best meets their needs. Similarly, carriers that are already en route to deliver a shipment, can find extra shipments along the way to make even more money for the same trip.

It is free to list a shipment and receive quotes as well as finding potential shipments to deliver. There are only charges upon booking a shipment, and the total amount to be payed and received is clearly stated throughout the bidding and booking process.

We are a for-profit business, and so generating revenue is to be expected.

This should not come as a surprise, and every person that creates an account chooses to abide by our User Agreement. Our users are welcome to contact Member Support with any questions or concerns about payment or any other site matter.


Loveland Auto Transport/Loveland Automotive Investments/Berthoud Auto Ship/Fair Deal Auto are another bunch of scammers operating on Uship. They are well known by the Larimer County Sheriff Department/Colorado BBB/ etc. Just one of the many scammers apparently operating on Uship.